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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Twin Falls, Idaho

Experienced representation from Rockstahl Law Office can help walk you through the sometimes intimidating legal process. We will go over your case with a fine-tooth comb and use our knowledge and expertise to provide the best defense possible. Skillful negotiation can also keep your case out of the courts, making your legal process much easier and quicker for all concerned. Rockstahl Law can often provide the skillful negotiation needed to obtain plea negotiations or preliminary motions.

Our team at Rockstahl Law has the experience and the qualifications to handle your case and get you the fair treatment of law that you deserve.

We can help you with the following criminal defense cases:

Qualified counsel is imperative to be sure that you obtain justice when you become involved in the criminal justice system. Charges and convictions can affect your whole life– jeopardize your employment, your license, future travel plans, and even educational opportunities for years to come.

Can I Still Drive?

Be aware that you only have 7 days from the date of your arrest to file the paperwork to keep your driver’s license. If you miss this deadline, you miss your chance to fight that suspension FOREVER. Don’t wait to set-up your FREE consultation with our DUI attorneys.

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