Aggressive Criminal Defense in Twin Falls Specializing in DUI Charges


Finding yourself with a DUI or other criminal charge can be a scary and intimidating process, with financial and legal consequences looming that can affect your entire life. We understand that you are likely searching for answers and peace of mind at this very moment. Let our qualified legal representation provide that for you. At Rockstahl Law Office, we can help walk you through the legal process and ease your worries in a difficult time, call us now at (208) 734-8810 to discuss the details of your case. We CAN help.

What does having Twin Falls DUI Defense on your side mean for you?

In short, hiring Twin Falls DUI Defense means getting the best possible outcome for your case. Simply put, we win cases.

What’s at Risk When You Get a DUI?

Your Job

A DUI charge can put your job at risk. Let us help you keep your job.

Your Ability to Drive

You have only 7 days from the date of your arrest to file the paperwork to keep your driver’s license.

Your Clean Record

Don’t let a DUI ruin your good name. Protect your clean record for background checks.

Your Freedom

You want someone you can trust to protect your liberty. Don’t let a DUI take your freedom.

Criminal Defense

Qualified counsel is imperative to be sure that you obtain justice when you become involved in the criminal justice system. A criminal charge can affect your employment, your ability to drive, even your very freedom. The consequences of legal convictions can carry with you your entire life.

Rockstahl Law provides compassionate and qualified legal defense in criminal cases. Our number one goal is to make the legal system work for you, not against you. With a focused and detailed analysis of your case, we will provide the best possible defense to get you and your life back on track as soon as possible.

DUI Defense

We understand your questions and concerns when facing a DUI charge. Will you lose your ability to drive? Will your criminal record be tarnished? Will your job be in danger? With so many concerns, you need legal representation you can trust to help you protect your rights and liberty.

Rockstahl Law Office provides our clients with qualified and experienced DUI representation. We have the resources and insight to analyze your case and focus in on every possible defense and advantage to win your case. Our team is experienced and professional and will work hard to treat you with the respect you and your case deserve.

Be aware that you have only 7 days to begin your DUI defense or you lose certain rights FOREVER. To set up a consultation, you can call anytime day or night at (208) 734-8810. Call for a FREE consultation now.